The bar my husband and I built from pallet wood. Yes, that is our baby boy, Bruce, standing to the side. He had to help also!

This is the bar after we stained it.

I spent a whole football game painting this on the bar while the hubbs was at the game.

Surprise Honey, look what I did for you! He LOVED it!

The hubbs and I enjoy gold prospecting when we have time.

This is one of my favorite signs. It actually hangs above my desk in my craft room! Just a reminder to "Breathe"

Satelites which have been painted. These can be hung indoors or out. I love the painted ones!

Our little man helping with Christmas orders this past year. Well, he's not so little any more! It's great to get the family he wanted some money!

Some RTIC tumblers I painted for a local event. They turned out awesome!

This was the first large monogram I did. My bestie was a brave woman!

Legal imprint